Electripowr TM Type SR

1200 Inch Pound Torque Output

The Surepowr Series Spring Return Electric Actuator incorporates the most advanced high-tech research and design, yet it uses a simple concept-a torsion power spring which provides - dependable mechanical force for actuation when electrical power is lost. The Sure 100 torque capability is ideally suited for industrial-grade dampers and rotary valves when emergency shutdown ;s required. This model is available in two speeds for two position (open/close) control as well as modulating control service. The Sure 100 enclosure complies with NEMA 4, 7 and 9 requirements and is available with either clockwise or counterclockwise power spring drive. CSA certification is in progress.


bulletSafety shutdown for automated and computer-controlled systems
bulletUsed where emergency shutdown is required in critical valve applications, such as 6" and 8" butterfly valves, 2" and 3" ball and/or plug valves Process control systems, all types
Vapor recovery systems
Tank truck loading station
bulletFor fast and accurate closure of dampers in air systems that require reliable emergency operation
Vehicle tunnel and subway station smoke exhaust systems
Power plant coal dust collecting systems
Air intake and exhaust ventilation systems for electric utilities
Isolation dampers for air handling systems in energy plants
Dryer systems
bulletUsed in combination with RCS Digi-LineTM Solid State Positioners to perform a wide range of precision control functions Will automate power switches and safety devises
bulletWill Automate power switches and safety devices


bulletPowered by a rugged, high-torque, integral, 115 Vac or 220 Vac 50/60 Hz, single phase, reversible motor
bulletPrecision-cut gears and shafts are heat-treated high alloy steel
bulletHigh Visibility position indicator
bulletDesigned for intermittent and modulating service as typified by applications which require emergency operation to a pre-determined position
bulletUnique micro-adjustment plates permit fast, accurate setting of travel limit switches when needed. Switch activating cams are independently adjustable throughout the actuator 90 rotation for maximum setting flexibility and accuracy.
Built-in motor overload protection
Gear train designed to withstand stall torque
Operates in any attitude or position
bulletAccessible, clearly-marked integral terminal strip assures fast, easy field wiring
bulletTwo 3/4" NPT conduit entries
bulletAdjustable end-of-travel stops
bulletISO 5211 mounting dimensions
bulletElectroless nickel plated output configurations provide maximum corrosion protection


bulletMore compact. Lighter than other fail-safe electric actuators
bulletNo messy leaks from hydraulic fluids
Power drive is electric or mechanical
bulletEasy, low cost installations
Connects to standard 2-wire, 115 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 1 Ph power line
No air or hydraulic lines required
bulletLow maintenance and energy costs
Gear train is permanently lubricated at the factory for the life of the actuator
Brake sap is set at the factory. No adjustment is required.
No pumps, compressors or troublesome hoses and tubing
Requires less electrical power than pneumatic and hydraulic systems
No scheduled maintenance required as with some battery packs
bulletNo speed or power loss due to cold temperatures which affect fluid and battery power
bulletCombination NEMA 4, 6, 7 & 9 housing
Water tight/weather-proof seal makes enclosure suitable for NEMA 4 indoor/outdoor installations
Can be used in explosion-proof applications where battery packs would be hazardous
bulletCSA certified device

Optional Features

bulletIntegraI potentiometer; 1,000 OHM, 2 watts, 1% linearity. Other resistances available.
bulletAuxiliary function switches
bulletHeaters with thermostats, breathers and drains, special corrosion- resistant coatings
bulletModulating service for 30 second speed at 50% duty cycle
bulletRemote position feedback available as analog or resistance signals
bulletHigh temperature modification for special applications


bulletVoltage: 115 Vac or 220 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 1 Ph-standard
bulletDuty Cycle:
25% for 10 second unit
50% for 30 second unit
bulletEnclosure: Meets all of the following in a single enclosure:
Type 4, water tight indoor and outdoor locations;
Type 6, temporary submersion;
Type 7, explosion-proof, class 1, Groups C&D hazardous locations
Type 9, dust ignition proof, class 11, Groups E, F & G, hazardous locations.
bulletAmbient Temperature: -40 deg.F to +150 deg.F. Optional heaters are recommended below 32 deg.F ambient or in outdoor installations.
bulletLimit Switches: 15 Amps resistive load at 115 Vac
bulletLubrication: High grade gear grease, permanently lubricated. Self-lubricating bearings.
bulletMounting: ISO 5211
bulletConduit Entry: 2 - 3/4: PT provided
bulletOutput Torque: 1,200 inch pounds
bulletRotation: CW or CCW for spring return
bulletWeight:70 pounds

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