Marsh Gauges
100 mm Elite SS Case Liquid Filled

bulletAll Stainless Steel
bulletField Fillable
bulletRanges to 10,000 psi
bulletLiquid Filled or Dry
bulletSolid Front - Safecase Design
Marsh Instruments All Stainless Steel Gauges are built for extended life, and designed for harsh and corrosive environments.   These stainless steel gauges feature top fill plugs and are field fillable.   Marsh liquid filled gauges offer significant cushioning and dampening which reduces pointer flutter and internal gauge damage.  Suitable applications include;   refineries, chemical plants, offshore platforms, oil rigs, marine applications, general industrial application and OEM process.
Accuracy ASME Grade 1A = ±1.0% of range across full scale.
Case Sizes 100mm (4”).
Case Material 304 Stainless Steel.
Case Style Plain case with solid front and blow-out back SAFECASE CONSTRUCTION.
Tube & Socket 316 SST tube welded to 316 SST socket.
Movement 316 SST adjustable rotary movement.
Connection ¼” or ½” NPT, LM = bottom mount.
Ranges 0 to 10,000 psi and 0 to 30” Hg.
Dial Standard Dual scale PSI and kPa standard.
Dial Color Black markings on white.
Pointer  Standard pointer.
Window Acrylic.
Fill Medium Glycerin standard. Silicone or field fillable available.
Vent Internal compensating diaphragm.


Standard Ranges and Part Numbers
Type Stainless Steel Gauges
Internals 316 SS
Case Material Stainless Steel
Size Elite 100mm
Mounting LM LM
Connection (NPT) 1/4” 1/2”
0 to 30”Hg VAC W9505 W9605
0 to 30p W9542 W9642
0 to 60p W9546 W9646
0 to 100p W9548 W9648
0 to 200p W9554 W9654
0 to 300p W9558 W9658
0 to 600p W9564 W9664
0 to 1,000p W9572 W9672
0 to 1,500p W9574 W9674
0 to 2,000p W9576 W9676
0 to 3,000p W9578 W9678
0 to 5,000p W9582 W9682
0 to 10,000p W9590 W9690

Elite all Stainless Steel Gauge Options:

Standard Options

  Line Item Min Lead Time
Class B 0 1-4 weeks


Standard Options

Option Type Suffix Available On Models
Fill Medium Dry (no fill) delete suffix P all ranges
  silicone (SL) I all ranges
Window Laminated F all ranges
  Safety glass (SG)    

Dimension Table:

  A B C D E F G H
100mm 4.25 3.5 2.45 3 1.25 1.2 1.25 5.85

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