Moore 330R Process Monitor


NEMA 4X Case


Universal input


Analog and digital transmitter

bulletFull alarm and annunciator features
bulletSignal Conditioner
bulletLimit Controller
bulletPeak and valley recorder
bulletUses standard 535 Family plug-in output modules

The Moore 330 is a 1/8 DIN process monitor with universal input that is multi-functional and microprocessor based. The 330 can function as a panel meter and trip (alarm), or as a panel meter with two trips (alarms), analog transmitter and digital transmitter with the addition of the RS 485 serial communications option. Modular construction makes it easy to configure a unit to meet your exact needs. Designed for reliability, the 330 features a splashproof front panel that meets NEMA 4X specifications. Non-volatile EEPROM memory preserves configurations in the event of shutdowns or power outages. This design for reliability extends to construction that makes it highly resistant to electrical noise and vibration. Before shipment, all units are tested under power for thermo shock and vibration.


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