Electripowr TM Type SR

600 Inch Pound Torque Output


bulletHighly reliable
bulletCosts less to install and operate than pneumatic and hydraulic actuators
bulletShock absorber feature graduates emergency operation to prevent shock damage to piping, valve and actuator.
bulletIdeal for valve and damper applications where high reliability, accurate open/close speeds and automatic emergency shut-off are desirable.


bulletEasy, Low cost Installations. connects to standard 2-wire, 120 Vac 60Hz, 1 Ph, power line. (Optional 220 Vac, single phase)
bulletLow Maintenance and Operating Costs. No pumps, compressors or troublesome hoses and tubing. Requires less electrical power than pneumatic and hydraulic systems.
bulletProven Dependability
bulletIdeal For Automated Systems
bulletThe Most Economical, High Performance electric Rotary/ Spring Return Actuator Available

Will Automate

bulletBall Valves - 1/4" to 2"
bulletButterfly Valves - 2" to 4"
bulletPlug Valves - 1/4" to 1 1/2"
bulletSafety Devices


bulletAuxiliary switches for light indication and other switching functions
bulletHeaters and thermostats
bulletSpecial corrosion-resistant coatings
bulletActuator control stations with many combinations for local or remote control
bulletCSA approved enclosure 4 and hazardous locations: Class I, Groups C and D; Class II, Groups E, F and G.
bulletPositioning controllers for "On/Off," floating or proportional control. Controllers are designed to automatically proportion in relation to a resistance, current or voltage command signal. Command signal may be obtained from a sensor or a manual command potentiometer.

Optional Features

POWER ON: The electric motor, brake solenoid and spring control clutch are energized, diving the gear train which in turn winds the spring and turns the valve. An internal limit switch de-energizes the motor and enganges the solenoid brake which holds the return spring and valve in position.

POWER OFF: When the current is interupted by either a control signal or a power failure, the spring control clutch is de-energized which in turn disengages the gear train. The return spring drives the valve to its original postition. Shock damage to the valve and piping is avoided by graduating the speed of return with the integral shock absorber.

DRIVE DIRECTION: All surepowr models can be factory built for closkwise or countercloskwise spring return rotation, as viewed from top of actuator, looking at valve stem. Please specify when ordering.

Designed for intermittent operation as typified by applications which require emergency shutoff. For rapid cycling applications, consult factory.


Ambient Temperature: -40deg.F to + 150deg.F (with heater)
Lubrication: High temperature gear grease and self-lubricating bearings
Mounting: Universal
Enclosures: NEMA-4 standard; Meets all of the following in a single enclosure:
Type 4 watertight and dust tight indoor and outdoor non-hazardous locations.
Types 7 & 9 explosion-proof Class I, Groups C and D, Class II, Groups E, F, G hazardous locations.
Power: 120/220 Vac 60/50 Hz 1 phase
Limit Switches: All Models UL and CSA listed:
15 A and 1/2 hp, 125 or 250 Vac: 1/2 A, 125 Vdc; 1/4 A, 250 Vdc; 5 A, 120 Vac "L" (lamp load)
Conduit Entry: Provision (standard) 3/4" conduit
End Torque Rating: 600 in-lbs
Shaft Speed:
Spring Return: 90 deg. in 2 seconds
Motor Mode: 90 deg. in 5-30 seconds
Motor Current; LR (locked rotor): 1.80-1.55-.70 at 120 Vac 1.20-.90-.35 at 220 Vac
Solenoid Brake Current Draw: 20VA at120Vac
Total time to travel through a full 90 deg. cycle is approximately double the time shown, e.g. five seconds to set eletcrtic clutch, plus five seconds to drive output shaft.


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