Moore 535 Process Controller


NEMA 4X instrument Front


PowerTuneŽ pretune and adaptive tune

bulletUniversal input
bulletFully isolated inputs and outputs

The 535 is a 1/4 DIN single loop process controller (SLC) designed to control any analog process variable (temperature, pressure, flow level, etc.) in batch and continuous processes. The 535's outstanding feature mix enables it to bring processes under control faster, more accurately and easily than competitive SLC's, PLC, and PC based control systems.

The 535 is widely considered to be a best-in-class instrument due to three fundamental strengths. 

Rugged Construction

bulletNEMA 4X 1/4 DIN panel and field mount versions
bulletThick damage resistant keys
bulletEMI/RFI resistance
bulletInput/output isolation

Operator Interface

bullet3 line vacuum fluorescent display
bulletEnglish prompts and messages
bulletDual color backlit keys indicate controller state
bullet Available in Field Mount Case

Tuning and Control Algorithms

bulletPowerTuneŽ Adaptive tuning
bulletPretuning & Powerback anti-overshoot
bullet8 stored PID sets
bulletMultiple output algorithms


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