Moore 545 Dual Loop Controller


NEMA 4X instrument Front


Single or Dual Loop

bulletCascade Control
bulletRatio Control
bulletFeedforward/ Feedback Control
bulletAvailable in Field Mount case

The 545 1/4 DIN Controller continues with all the features and options found on the Model 535. In addition, Powers has expanded the role the 545 can play in solving your process control needs.

bulletSingle Loop control with second input available to display an additional uncontrolled PV
bulletIndependent control of two PID control loops with two control outputs available for each
bulletCascade Control allows the output of one control loop to become the remote setpoint of a second loop. Cascade control enables better control of processes with significant lag times by breaking the process into two faster responding loops
bulletRatio Control provides control in blending applications that require materials to be mixed to a desired ratio. Control of one stream with a wild stream or the control of combined discharge rates is possible with the Powers 545

In Feedback Control, controller output is based on the difference between process variable and setpoint. Feedforward Control compensates for system lag time by providing a predictive or anticipative output signal based on process measurement. A feedforward signal is used to enhance the performance of a feedback loop. The 545 provides the capability to employ a feedforward/feedback control strategy in your process


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