Adjustable Series "Y"

Marsh Industrial Thermometers are designed for demanding applications.   The large 9" scale permits easy reading at longer distances.  The glass-reinforced nylon case is lightweight yet rugged enough for demanding installations.   the adjustable stem can be locked into any position through a 180 arc.   These thermometers are commonly used on hot or chilled water lines in commercial/industrial buildings.  Their compact design is well suited for limited space applications such as diesel engines, steam turbines, reduction gears, pumps, condensers and pipelines.

Accuracy:  1% of scale range.
Indicating Column:  Red-reading, mercury filled magnifying lens.
Scale:  Dual scale "F" & "C".   White coated aluminum.
Scale Length:  9" inches.
Case:  Molded black nylon, glass fiber reinforced.
Window:  Heavy glass.
Connection & Stem:  1 1/4" = 18 swivel nut, for use with separable socket.  Adjustable aluminum 3 1/2" or 6" stem with 360 rotation.
Separable Socket (Thermowell):  Choice of (NO) well, (SW) Standard Brass Well, or (LW) 2" Lagging Brass Extension Well.  Wells may also be ordered separately.


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