Servo Pressure Controllers
Type 3110 and Type 3120 EP Analog Circuit Card Pressure Transducers Type 3212 and Type 3222 Analog Enclosure Regulators
Type 3111 Compact Analog Circuit Card HVAC Pressure Regulator Type 3215 Weatherproof Regulator with Super High Flow
Type 3411 Digital Circuit Card HVAC Pressure Regulator Type 3510 and Type 3520 Digital Enclosure Regulators
Type 3410 and Type 3420 Digital Circuit Card OEM Pressure Regulators Type 3511 and Type 3521 Digital Enclosure Regulators
Type 3210 and Type 3220 Analog Enclosure Regulators Type 3512 and Type 3522 Digital Enclosure Regulators
Type3211 and Type 3221 Analog Enclosure Regulators Mounting Options & Accessories

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