Ultraflo general purpose butterfly valves

The Ultraflo 400/422 Series is ideal for general purpose, resilient-seated processing applications and is available in a wide variety of construction materials. Precision machining to very close tolerances and high quality U.S. made materials assembled to rigid quality control specifications all add up to a valve that is longer lasting, easier to operate, easier to maintain, and best of all - easier on your budget.

  Ultraflo 400
  Housings: Cast Iron (epoxy coated),  Aluminum
  Discs: 316 Stainless Steel, Nodular Iron,  Aluminum Bronze,
             and a variety of custom coatings.
  Seat: EPDM, Nitrile, Buna, Viton. Nitrile and EPDM available in
            FDA approved white.
  400 is dimensionally interchangeable with Keystone Fig. 100.


 Ultraflo 422
 Housings: Nodular Iron (epoxy coated).
 Discs: 316 Stainless Steel, Nodular Iron, Aluminum Bronze, and a
             variety of custom coatings.
 Seat: EPDM, Nitrile, Buna, Viton. Nitrile and EPDM available in FDA
           approved white.
 422 is dimensionally interchangeable with Keystone Fig. 122.

The Ultraflo series of butterfly valves is designed to meet the highest quality standards where less than a perfect fit is unacceptable. The design features of our products are the result of years of actual operating characteristics of our products as well as our competitors.
A Stainless Stem
17-4 PH stainless stem is high strength for positive disc control and allows for full range product service.
Butterfly Valve
B Top Plate
CNC machining and standardized drilling allow total actuator or manual handle interchangeability.
C Stem Bushing
Heavy duty corrosion-resistant top and bottom ertalyte stem bushings absorb operator side thrust. Precision alignment of top and bottom bushings insure reliable, trouble-free valve operation and lower operating torque.
D Stem Packing
Buna-N self-adjusting secondary stem seal insures positive seal for pressure or vacuum service.
I Disc
CNC machined for positive seal. Contoured edges and rounded hub edge are hand-polished for lower operating torque and increased seat life. Disc is constructed for maximum product flow.
E Seat Retention
Dove-tail seat retention method seals housing to seat and simplifies seat replacement.
J Flange Seal
Sealing section of resilient seat provides positive seal to all popular flanges.
F Product Seal
Formed by disc hub in contact with flat surface of special resilient seat and from interference fit between stem and seat hole.
K Lower Stem Bushing
Unique ertalyte lower stem bushing eliminates galling and frozen stems.
G Resilient Seat
Easily replaceable seat protects housing and stem from product contact. Seat is available in several compounds to meet practically any application.
L Seat
Double O-Ring for positive stem seal.
H Housing
Notched body for mounting between light-weight flanges. Wafer and lugged designed for 125/150 ANSI. All iron bodied valves powder epoxy coated.
M Baked Epoxy Coating

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