Inspector's Test Gauges

bullet3" Dial
bullet0 to 1,000 psi Range
bulletRecalibrator on Dial Face
bulletASME Grade 2A Accuracy 
Marsh Inspector's Test Gauges are specifically designed for use by steam boiler, air brake and pressure system inspectors.   The rugged 3" Inspector's Test Gauge features a brass case or nickel-plated case and an accuracy of 0.5% of span.
Accuracy  ASME Grade 2A = 0.5% of span across full scale.
Case Sizes  3 inches diameter.
Case Material  PB = Polished brass and NP = nickel plated.
Case Style  Plain case with threaded ring.
Tube & Socket  Copper alloy tube & socket.
Movement  All 316 Stainless Steel
Recalibrator  Adjustable dial screw standard.
Connection  NPT LM = bottom mount.
Ranges  0 to 30 Hg VAC; 0 to 1,000 psi.
Dial Standard  Psi only standard.
Dial Color  Black markings on white.
Pointer  Knife edge pointer with recalibrator.
Window  Thick beveled glass.
Protective Cover  Opaque plastic lens cover.

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