Marsh Gauges
63 mm Brass Case
 Liquid Filled

bullet63mm Brass Case (Series W)
bulletRanges to 10,000 psi
bulletField Fillable
bulletRugged One Piece Construction
bullet63mm Stainless Steel Case (Series J)
bullet3 Standard Mounting Options:  LM, CB and U-Clamp
bulletPressure Ranges to 5,000 psi
bulletASME Grade B Accuracy
bullet100mm Stainless Steel Case (Series X)

Brass or Stainless Steel Internals


Field Fillable


Hermetically Sealed

bullet100mm Elite All Stainless Steel (Series W)
bulletAll Stainless Steel
bulletField fillable
bulletRanges to 10,000 psi
bulletLiquid Filled or Dry
bulletSolid Front - Safecase Design
bullet100 mm "H" Series
bulletLiquid filled or Dry
bulletField Fillable
bulletRanges to 10,000 psi
bulletHeavy Duty Stainless Steel

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