Proven Results for Industrial Applications

Process controllers, automatic control valves, self operating temperature regulating valves, and process monitors are just a few of the reasons why so many engineers are turning to Powers for solutions to their control, backup control and operator interface needs. Powers instruments and valves are more capable, easier to use, and more rugged than what they have typically used in the past.

When Powers?

bulletFor applications where local control and indication are important
bulletProvide backup control of critical control loops even in DCS or PLC based systems
bulletNew designs
bulletOften the only solution for retrofit projects
bulletControllers and valves allow you to close-the-loop of your process applications

Why Powers?

bulletMore rugged with field and panel mount NEMA 4X controllers
bulletControllers that are easier to configure, tune, and operate
bulletHot water and steam valves backed by 100 years of manufacturing experience

Where Powers?

bulletChemical processing
bulletHeat Treating
bulletPulp and paper milling
bulletFood processing
bulletBoiler and Combustion
bulletBeverage processing
bulletWater and wastewater processing
bulletHVAC applications


bulletValves & Regulators
bulletFlowrite Control Valves
bullet#11 Self-Operating Temperature Regulator
bulletAccritem Controllers
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