Marsh Test Gauge Series "D"

bulletAdjustable Pointer Standard with Stainless Steel
bullet316 Stainless Steel Movement
bulletDial Sizes:  4" and 6"
bulletRanges to 10,000 psi
bulletReliable Accuracy
Marsh Test Gauges are used in precision laboratory applications and industrial environments where precise accuracy is demanded.   Accuracy is 0.25% of full span.  Our Test Gauge offers as standard an adjustable micrometer, knife-edge pointer with mirror dial to assure a true reading.
Accuracy  ASME Grade 3A = 0.25% of range across full scale.
Case Sizes  4 and 6 inches diameter.
Case Material  Steel and Safecase aluminum.
Case Style  P = Plain Case (steel); G = Back flange case (Safecase aluminum);
F = Flush case (front flange with U-clamp) and hinged ring (steel).
Pressure Relief  Blowout plug on back of Plain and Flush case.
Tube & Socket  600 psi & below: choice of copper alloy or 316 SST - 1,000 psi & up:
316 SST tube & socket only.
Movement All 316 Stainless Steel.
Connection  or NPT in LM = bottom mount or LB = lower back mount.
Ranges  0 to 30 Hg VAC; Compound 30 Hg to 300 psi; 0 to 10,000 psi.
Dial Standard  Psi only standard.
Dial Color  Black markings on white aluminum. with mirror dial to avoid parallax.
Pointer  Knife edge micrometer adjustable pointer.
Window  Glass.

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