Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
& Compressors

The Graham-manufactured line of vacuum pumps and

compressors utilizes the liquid ring operation principle, and provides extremely high levels of reliability, dependability, and simplicity.

     Sizes range up to 3500 CFM, with single stage pumps operating down to single stage pumps operating down to 150 mm HgA and two stage pumps down to 25mm HgA.  As compressors, the units are available to 30 psig.

     The wide choice of available materials includes Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, and a variety of other corrosion resistant alloys.  Applications extend to a wide range of industries; particularly those using processes where condensable gases must be handled.

     Also available are specially designed packages with full recirculation seal liquid systems.


The Graham Advantage:


High Energy Efficiency


Reliable and Trouble-free Operation


Low Operating Noise Levels


Simple Design


Ability to Handle Wet Process Streams


Wide Choice of Special Materials


Custom Engineered Packages


Total System Manufactured In-House


Total System Responsibility

Energy Efficient Combination Vacuum Systems

     Graham also offers systems combining steam jet ejectors and liquid ring pumps-combining vacuum systems that are totally engineered and manufactured in-house.

     These energy efficient hybrid systems are custom designed for applications where maximum energy conservation is critical.  They combine the operational features and efficiencies of both the ejector and the liquid ring pump to provide the optimum in vacuum equipment performance.

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