Vapor Actuator Thermometers


Versatile Back/Bottom Connection


9 Case Design


6 Ranges (to 350F)

Marsh Instruments Vapor Actuated Thermometers bring economy and accuracy to remote measuring applications within the (-40 to 350F) range.
Two basic styles allow either remote mounting of the temperature scale (as far as 75 feet from the sensing bulb) or direct mounting of the Thermometer for local temperature indication. Remote reading units offer, as standard, 6 feet of flexible capillary with double-braided copper armor for greater mechanical protection. Capillaries on center back models are reinforced with stainless steel coiled armor at the case. Bulbs are 3.5 inch standard with " NPT union connection.


Accuracy  3% from 20-50% of scale, and 2% over remaining 50% of scale.
Case Sizes  2, 2 , 3, 4 inches diameter.
Case Material  Steel with black enamel paint.
Case Style U = Front Flange (U-Clamp), flush mount with center back remote connection. (2, 2 , 3 ) = Marshalltown X-8.
FF = 3-Hole Front Flange, flush mount, with center back remote connection (2, 2 , 3 ) = Marshalltown X-5.
G = Back Flange (surface mount), with adjustable lower back & bottom remote connection (3 , 4 ) = Marshalltown X-6, X-7.
P = Plain case (3 only) with adjustable angle, bottom direct mount (without capillary) = Marshalltown X-3.
Tube  Drawn copper alloy.
Movement  Brass sector with polycarbonate side plates.
Capillary  6 feet of flexible capillary with double-braided copper wire sheath standard.
Connection  CB = Center back remote NPT connection, (FF & U cases). BB = Back & Bottom (Dual) adjustable remote NPT connection, (G case). BA = Bottom Adjustable Angle direct mount NPT connection. Without capillary. (P case) = (Marshalltown X-3).
Bulb  2 sensing bulb standard. Cases 2 , 3 , 4 have union nut standard.
Ranges  Six standard ranges DUAL SCALE in degrees Fahrenheit & Celsius.
-40F to 60F/-40C to 15C
-40F to 210F/-40C to 50C
0F to 120F/-15C to 50C
0F to 180F, -15C to 80C
30F to 240F, 0C to 115C
50F to 350F, 10C to 175C
Dial Standard  Dual Scale Standard degrees F and C.
Dial Color  Black markings on white.
Pointer  Standard pointer.
Window  2, 2 , 3 cases have twist-in Clearlok window. 4 case has dimpled ring and acrylic window.


  Vapor Tension Thermometer Options:
  With Standard Options With Stock Options With Custom Options
      (All Class C) (All Class D)
  Line Item Min Lead Time Line Item Min Lead Time Line Item Min Lead Time
Class A 0 1 week 10 4 weeks C.F. 8 weeks
Class B 0 4 weeks 10 4 weeks C.F. 8 weeks
Class C 10 4-6 weeks 10 4 - 6 weeks C.F. 8 weeks


Stock Options:
Option Type Suffix Available On Models
Capillary Plain copper bulb & 6 ft. capillary T 2.0-4.5
  special restrictor S 2.0-3.5
Extra Capillary Length
(Copper or SST)
Window Instrument glass (GS) F 2.0-4.5
  Acrylic (AY) F 2.0-3.5
Rings Press ring, black (PB) A 2.0-3.5 Panel Mount
  Press ring, chrome (PC) A 2.0-3.5 Panel Mount
Custom Options:
Option Type Suffix Available on Models
Cases Chrome plated (CR) J all models
Custom Dials Custom face M 1 color on white
      addtl colors available

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