Accritem Controllers

Accritem Controllers are reliable, rugged, non-indicating compact controllers that accurately maintain temperatures in a wide variety of applications. The sensing element, rigid or remote bulb, is mounted directly in the medium to be controlled, and the Accritem's response to temperature change is a proportional pneumatic signal sent to a control valve.

Accritem Rigid Bulb Controller

bulletCompact control with bimetal sensor
bulletAdjustable  temperature range (50 deg to 350 deg. F) 
bulletRugged design with few moving parts
bulletMaximum reliability, minimum maintenance
bulletCopper and stainless bulbs
bulletComplete with pressure gauges and fittings
bulletRigid Bulb (1/2" NPT Pipe Fitting)
                                                                  Order Code
Copper Bulb    Air Operated  Direct       744-1213
                                                  Reverse   744-1214

                    Water Operated  Direct       744-1217
                                                  Reverse   744-1218 In Stock

Stainless Bulb  Air Operated Direct      744-1270
                                                  Reverse   744-1271  

Accritem II Rigid Bulb Controller

bulletSame features as Accritem plus
bulletReliability of rigid bulb
bulletIncreased flexibility and remote monitoring
bulletEasy to place in narrow pipes
bulletTraverse mount to large pipes
bulletCompression fittings for direct mount In pipe or tank



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