Powers Flowrite II Control Valves

Powers brings nearly a century of experience in supplying customers  with bronze, iron, and now stainless steel globe control valves. Powers offers you more standard features on a wide variety of valves to meet your application needs. And, those valves are often available with quicker delivery and at a lower price than our competition.

Bronze Body:       Model 593  SS  Stainless trim          1/2 - 2 inch body,  screwed ends

                             Model 593  DB  High Capacity      1 - 2 inch body,  union ends,  bronze or stainless double seat trim

                              Model 593  SD  Bronze trim               3/4 - 2 inch body,  screwed ends

                              Model 593  VE  Precision Low Flow      1/2 union ends, stainless trim

                              Model 593  WM Mixing 3-way            1/2 - 2 inch body,  screwed ends, bronze trim

 Cast Iron Body:   Model 596   MI  Mixing 3-way             1/2 - 6 inch body,  flanged ends,  bronze trim

                              Model 597   SI  Heavy Duty                 1/2 - 6 inch body, flanged ends, bronze trim


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