GM & GME Series Temperature Switch  Designed for temperature measurement   and/or control applications where vibration may be encountered. 
MODELS GM: For temperature indication only.

MODELS GME: Equipped with up to three snap action switches.

DIAL SIZE: 3 7/8" diameter.

SPIRAL WOUND TUBE: High torque spiral design; phospor bronze material.

CAPILLARY: Standard with 10" of double braided copper capillary that is protected at both ends by a length of spiral copper armor.

CASE & RING: Drawn brass case finished with baked black enamel. Ring is chrome-plated brass.  Choice of direct mount or remote mount.

CASE STYLES: Plain case, Front flanged, Back flanged.

RECALIBRATION: An external adjusting screw, located on the back of the case, allows readjustment of the pointer setting.

MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE INDICATION: Each unit is equipped with a "max-hand" that is moved upscale by the temperature indication pointer. As temperature decreases, the max-hand remains at the highest point reached. An external reset knob allows moving the max-hand downscale.


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