Severe Service Vapor Thermometer For tough service conditions needing corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand punishing vibration. Four models to meet various service levels, each featuring a hermetically sealed, stainless steel case. Gauge construction may be ordered with silicone liquid fill that dampens the effects of vibration.

ANSI Grade B -- 2%

Dual Scale Ranges-
-40/65 F& C
-40/120 F & C
0/120 F & C
0/180 F & C
30/240 F & C
50/350 F & C

Dial Size:  63mm (2.47 in), 100mm (3.89 in) and 3½". (The 3½ flanged case fits 100mm panel cutout.)

Bourdon Tube/Socket:  Phosphor bronze Bourdon tube soft-soldered to brass socket.

Movement:  Polyglide® movement with nickel silver working parts and dimensionally stable polycarbonate mounting plates. Provides greater wear resistance than conventional movements.

Case/Ring:  304 Stainless steel; ring is crimped onto case for leakproof seal.

Window:  Polycarbonate

Dial:  White coated aluminum with black scales.

Pointer:  Black coated aluminum.

Blowout Disc:  Standard in ethylene propylene.

Liquid Fill:  Glycerin

(Warning: Glycerine when combined with strong oxidizing agents, including but not limited to chlorine, nitric acid, and hydrogen peroxide, can result  in a spontaneous chemical reaction, ignition, or explosion which can cause property damage and personal injury.  If gauges are to be used in such service, do not use glycerin or silicone fill - consult factory for proper fill medium.)


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