The Model SJ dial thermometer withstands vibrating conditions to give accurate temperature indication.  Its liquid actuated temperature sensing system utilizes a spiral wound Bourdon tube that absorbs shock. Steady operation results, which combines with the 3 " dial size for ease of reading. The Model SJ is available in a variety of case styles and temperature ranges. 
ACCURACY: 2% of span at mid 30% of scale; 3% elsewhere.

-40/120 F & -40/50 C
0/160 F & -20/70 C
20/180 F & -5/85 C
30/250 F & 0/120 C
50/350 F & 10/175 C
100/450 F & 40/230 C
150/750 F & 65/400 C


BULB & CONNECTION: Hard Copper bulb with NPT swivel union connection.

CASE & RING: Drawn steel case is finished with baked black enamel. Ring is chrome-plated steel.

SPIRAL WOUND TUBE: High torque spiral design; phospor bronze material.

CAPILLARY: Standard (except for model SJ-3); Furnished with 10' of double braided copper capillary that is protected at both ends by a length of spiral phosphorous bonze armor.

OPTIONAL: Extra length of capillary starting at 15' available in 5' increments up to a 50' maximum total length.

WINDOW: Glass.

DIAL: Aluminum with black numerals on white background.

POINTER: Aluminum with black finish.

POINTER ADJUSTMENT: Front, through-dial adjuster allows rotating the actuating mechanism to reposition the pointer.


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