Surepowr™ Type SR

300 Inch Pound Torque Output


The Surepowr 24 advances the technology of spring return actuators. This model has a unique gear clutch arrangement which uncouples the motor during spring return operation. This optimizes the actuating speed and force of the spring. The Surepowr 24 is ideally suited for smaller ball, butterfly, plug and cylinder valves, as well as air flow damper and similar applications. Full travel models are available with either clockwise or counterclockwise power spring return. Several motor drive/power spring combinations and NEMA 4 or NEMA 7 enclosures are available to satisfy most application requirements. CSA is also available.


bulletAutomated and computer-controlled systems
bulletBall, butterfly, plug and cylinder valves
bulletDampers, switches, safety and fire control equipment
bulletUse in combination with optional RCS Digi-Line, solid-state controllers to perform an almost limitless range of precision control functions.


bulletPowered by a rugged high-torque, integral, 115 Vac 60 Hz or 220 Vac 50 Hz single phase, reversible motor
bulletPrecision-cut gears and shafts are heat treated, high alloy steel.
bulletUnique adjustment plates permit fast, accurate setting of travel limit switches. Switch activating cams are independently adjustable for maximum setting flexibility and accuracy.
bulletMechanical, visual position indicators
bulletBuilt-in motor overload protector
bulletPermanent lubrication
bulletGear train withstands stall torque.
bulletOperates in any position.
bulletAccesslble, early marked integral terminal strip assures fast, easy wiring.
bulletElectroless nickel plated output shafts provide maximum corrosion protection.
bulletDesigned for intermittent operation as typified by applications which require emergency operation to a pre-determined position

Optional Features

bulletSpecial shaft configurations
bulletIntergral potentiometer. 1000 and/or 15000 Ohms, 2 Watts, 1% linearity. Other resistances available.
bulletAuxiliary function switches
bulletTwo-wire control or momentary contact actuation
bulletHeaters, thermostats, breathers, drains and special corrosion
bulletCustom designs for varying requirements
bulletNEMA 7 for Class I, Divisions 1 and 2, Groups C and D. Class II, Division 1 and 2, Groups E, F, and G; CSA also available.


Ambient Temperature: -40 deg.F to + 150deg.F standard. Optional heaters are recommended below 32deg.F ambient.
Lubrication: High temperature gear grease and self-lubricating bearings
Mounting: Universal
Enclosures: NEMA-4 standard; NEMA-7 class 1, Groups C and D, class 11 Groups E, F and G optionally available. CSA also available.
Power: 120/220 Vac 60/50 Hz 1 phase
Limit Switches: 15 A at 125 and 220 Vac, restive load
Conduit Entry: 1/2" NPT Provided
End Torque Rating: 300 in-lbs 134 N-m) minimum
Shaft Rotation: CW or CCW spring return
Duty Cycle: 25% at 100 deg.F. ambient temperature
Shaft Speed: motor mode - 90 deg. in 10-12 seconds
Power Failure: (spring return) 90deg. in l l/2 to 2 seconds
Motor Current; LR (locked rotor): 1.05 A at 120 Vac .65 A at 220 Vac
Solenoid Brake Current Draw: 0.08A at 120Vac
1. Direction of rotation is based on viewing actuator from top.
2. Drawing shows actuator output shah in clockwise position.
3. Standard unit has spring drive in clockwise direction.
4. Optional unit has spring drive in counter clockwise direction.


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