Bimetal Thermometers


External Reset Feature for Field Recalibration (3" & 5")


Hermetically Sealed Case Design


9 Dual Scale Ranges to 1000F (525C)


Stem Lengths to 24"


1% Full Scale Accuracy


2", 3" and 5" Dials

Marsh Instruments Bimetal Thermometers combine the benefits of economy and reliability for local mounted temperature indication in the dual scale ranges from -50F to 1000 (-40C to 525C).  Additional advantages offered by the Series "L" Bimetal Thermometers include easy-to-read dual scale, fast speed of response, and accurate temperature indication.
The hermetically sealed and ruggedly built case is resistant to shock, vibration, dust and moisture.  Corrosion resistance to most chemicals is provided by the all welded type 304 stainless steel construction.

The extremely responsive bimetal sensing element provides an accuracy to within 1% of scale.  An external adjustment screw on the back of the 3" and 5" case provides convenient reset and field recalibration.  Built-in over range protection is a standard feature.

Accuracy  1% of span throughout entire range for 2 immersion in liquids, 4 in gases.
Case Sizes  2, 3, and 5 sizes.
Case Material  Stainless steel case and ring.
Stem & Connection  2.5, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 & 24 stainless steel diameter stems.
Connections  NPT: CB = Center Back connection (2 case only). NPT: CB = Center Back connection: or AJ = Adjustable connection (3 & 5).
Dials  Standard dual scale in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Window  Glass.


  Standard Ranges & Part Numbers
Type All Stainless Steel
  Bimetal Thermometers (Series L)
Size 2 3
Connection (NPT) 1/4 NPT 1/2 NPT
Stem Length 2.5 4 6 9 12 2.5 4 6 9 12 15
Dual Scale Standard                      
-50 to 120F/-40 to 50C L11101 L11201 L11301 L11401 L11501 L31101 L31201 L31301 L31401 L31501 L31601
-40 to 160F/-40 to 70C L11102 L11202 L11302 L11402 L11502 L31102 L31202 L31302 L31402 L31502 L31602
0 to 200F/-20 to 90C L11104 L11204 L11304 L11404 L11504 L31104 L31204 L31304 L31404 L31504 L31604
0 to 250F/-20 to 120C L11105 L11205 L11305 L11405 L11505 L31105 L31205 L31305 L31405 L31505 L31605
50 to 300F/ 10 to 150C L11106 L11206 L11306 L11406 L11506 L31106 L31206 L31306 L31406 L31506 L31606
50 to 400F/ 10 to 200C L11107 L11207 L11307 L11407 L11507 L31107 L31207 L31307 L31407 L31507 L31607
50 to 550F/ 10 to 300C L11108 L11208 L11308 L11408 L11508 L31108 L31208 L31308 L31408 L31508 L31608
150 to 750F/ 70 to 400C L11110 L11210 L11310 L11410 L11510 L31110 L31210 L31310 L31410 L31510 L31610
200 to 1000F/ 100 to 525C L11111 L11211 L11311 L11411 L11511 L31111 L31211 L31311 L31411 L31511 L31611

3" Adjustable Angle Bimetal
5" Adjustable Angle Bimetal


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