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Handheld Indicator


Converts Pressure Input to LCD Digital Readout


High Accuracy in Lightweight, Portable Package


State of the Art Semi-Conductor

The Handheld Digital Pressure Indicator and Calibrator are ideal for calibrating DP cells, I/P's and P/I's.  The indicator tests installed instruments and transmitters, verifies operation and settings of valves and switches, detects system leaks, and is used for other testing-maintenance applications.


Pneumatic Range  High range: -14.7 to 50.0 psig; -407 to 1200 in H20; or 0 to 199.9 mA.
Burst Pressure 80.0 psig absolute maximum.
Wetted Material  Brass fitting, silicone wafer diaphragm, suitable for instrument air (clean & dry) or any clean, non-conductive fluid.
Pressure Fitting  5/16” quick-connect tube fitting standard, with mating nickel-plated brass locking quick-connector.
8” plastic hose with ferruleless Ό” OD has to coupling insert with shutoff valve.
Display  3 ½” digit LCD, 0.5” high black numerals on light background, with polarity and low battery indicators.
Accuracy  ±0.2° of reading ±one count, must be zeroed at barometric pressure.
Temperature  Calibration range: 50°F-90°F. Operating range: 30°F-130°F. Effect of temperature outside calibration range is ±0.01% per degree F.
Power  Internal: 9-volt transistor battery, Ni-Cad chargeable. External: 12-volt adapter will power unit or charge battery in approx. 14 hours. Approximate operation is 8-10 hours per charge.
Case Size  3.60” wide x 5.75” long x 1.92” high, ABS plastic.
Includes  Carrying case, battery charger, 8” plastic hose, quick-connect fitting, and technical manual.


Standard Ranges & Part Numbers:
Type 4-Dp Series Master Test
  Digital Pressure Indicator
Connection 5/15” quick connect tube fitting
Pressure psi
0 to 50p 4-DPP-20050-BBC
0 to 60p 4-DP-20060-B3
0 to 200p 4-DPP-20200-BBC

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