Marshalltown-Tempco Temperature Instruments

Marshalltown-Tempco has been manufacturing precision instrumentation for temperature indication and control for over 35 years.

Mountain Controls offers the Marshalltown-Tempco temperature instruments in the following table. Review the information and accompanying datasheets and contact us to start your order.

Model Description More Information

T-2 and T-2E Series

Marshalltown Tempco T-2 and T-2E Series

The T-2 and T-2E series thermometers are ideal for outdoor applications and applications where vibration causes issues with stability. These units feature weatherproof construction, a phenolic case, and a red marking pointer that indicates the highest temperature reached between readings.

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GM and GME Series

Marshalltown Tempco GM and GME Series

The GM and GME series are available in either direct mount or remote mount cases and provide temperature measurement and/or control in applications that might encounter vibration. These units are available with up to three snap-action switches to activate alarms or control equipment. A red marking pointer indicates the highest temperature reached between readings.

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RC Series

Marshalltown Tempco RC Series

The RC series is designed for applications that encounter vibration and that require both temperature indication and control, such as oil-cooled electrical transformers. These units are available in a weatherproof case with up to four micro switches to activate auxillary electrical equipment and alarm devices, and the switch points can be adjusted without removing the unit from service.

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SCF Series

Marshalltown Tempco SCF Series

The SCF series is a linear scale thermometer that features a liquid-actuating sensing system and spiral-wound Bourdon tube to absorb shock and vibration, providing steady operation and accuracy in temperature readings.

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SJ Series

Marshalltown Tempco SJ Series

The SJ series is a dial thermometer that can provide accurate temperature indication to applications that encounter vibration. Like the SCF series, it employs a liquid-actuating temperature sensing system with a spiral-wound Bourdon tube to absorb shock and provide steady, accurate operation. The SJ series is available in a variety of case styles and temperature ranges.

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Vapor Actuated Thermometers

Marshalltown Tempco Vapor Actuated

Marshalltown-Tempco offers two basic styles of vapor-actuated thermometers to allow for either remote mounting (up to 75 feet from the sensing bulb) or direct mounting of the thermometer for temperature indication. They are available in a variety of case sizes, temperature ranges, and other choices such as capillary and thermowell options.

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Severe Service Vapor

Marshalltown Tempco Severe Service Vapor

Marshalltown-Tempco offers four models of severe service vapor thermometers for applications requiring resistance to corrosion and severe vibration. They are available in a variety of sizes and temperature ranges.

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