RCS MAR Electric Rotary and RCS SURE Spring Return Electric Actuators

RCS actuator products from Dresser Natural Gas Solutions (NGS) are trusted in a variety of challenging environments including the commercial, industrial, marine, and power industries. Their actuators come in electric rotary style or a low-maintenance and cost-effective spring return electric, fail-safe style. Valve and equipment manufacturers and end users in these industries rely on RCS actuators to provide automation solutions as simple as on/off control to more complex and heavy modulating solutions.

Mountain Controls offers the following from RCS:

RCS Electric Rotary Actuators

For more information about the following RCS actuators, see the MAR Electric Rotary Actuators Datasheet launch and contact us to start your order.

Model No. Torque Range
MAR10, MAR50, MAR90 20 to 1000 lbs
MAR100, MAR120 1500 to 2500 lbs
MAR160, MAR250 1920 to 5000 lbs
MAR800 7000 to 10000 lbs
MAR1600, MAR4000 10000 to 48000 lbs
DCR 24VAC 12/24 VDC 250 to 10000 lbs
RCS MAR Electric Rotary Actuators

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RCS Spring Return Electric Actuators

The following RCS spring return electric actuators use a clock spring to provide a failsafe shutoff (or full open) upon loss of electric power. They are the only actuator on the market with this design, and they are offered with explosion-proof housing making them suitable for applications such as oil pipelines and dampers. For more information about the following actuators, see the RCS SURE Spring Return Actuators Datasheet launch. Check out our online stock to order directly or contact us to start your order.

Model No. Torque
SURE24, SURE25 300 lbs
SURE49 600 lbs
SURE65 780 lbs
SURE100 1200 lbs
SURE150 1800 lbs
RCS SURE Spring Return Actuators

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RCS Electronic Actuator Controls

An array of electronic accessories are available to provide accurate positioning control and process feedback to and from your actuator. These control systems can be ordered on a new RCS actuator or added to a currently installed unit. For more information about these control solutions, see the RCS Electronic Actuator Controls Datasheet launch.

Model No. Control Type
EASC SCC-05-115/230V launch DC Analog, Input Only
EASC SCC-10-115/230V launch DC Analog
EASC SCC-10-24 VAC launch DC Analog
EASC SCC-10-24 VDC launch DC Analog
ACT100 (120/240 VAC, 24VAC, 24VDC) launch Modbus or Optional DeviceNet
DPC-100 (12VDC or 24VDC) launch Profibus D.P
DPC-120 (115VAC) launch Profibus D.P
DNET115 (115VAC) launch DeviceNet
Modbus 120 (120/240 VAC) launch Modbus
RCS Electronic Controls

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